Shane Kline-Ruminski started The National Basketball Academy (TNBA) in 2002 out of his love for basketball and working with kids. What started with personal and small-group training sessions has now become a massive multi-state operation that powers youth programming for four NBA franchises.

As they grew, Kline-Ruminski and his staff decided that they needed a partner to streamline their back office needs, while positioning them to grow in the future. In just two short years, TNBA’s business has accelerated by 25%—a jump that he attributes, in part, to LeagueApps’ program management platform. “I view LeagueApps as a true partner, because they’re now an essential part of our business,” said Kline-Ruminski.


LeagueApps really streamlined our business and helped us grow. It saved us a lot of time and we’ve been able to save money by reducing our admin staff. I encourage anyone who is considering the switch to LeagueApps…do it. Don’t even question it. And I’ll say this as well, when the youth sports community needed a voice and leadership during these tough times, LeagueApps was right there. That’s why I would tell anyone in this business to partner with LeagueApps. ” 

Shane Kline-Ruminski, Founder of TNBA


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