The New Jersey Colonials have experienced tremendous growth over the past fifty years. What started as a single all-star team in northern New Jersey has become a massive youth ice hockey organization complete with over 30 teams and 600 players. That kind of expansion created logistical hurdles that they could no longer clear themselves. That’s where the LeagueApps team and its intuitive platform stepped in to help NJC reach their goals while staying within their budget. 

For non-profits it’s critical that every partnership delivers plus-sized value to its organization. In the case of the NJC, their Director of Hockey Operations needed a platform that could help them organize their data, make the lives of their players, parents and coaches easier, all at an affordable cost. Not only was LeagueApps able to deliver custom solutions to streamline their payments and registrations, but we also crafted them a website that attracts new families and is easy to use. 


“After experimenting with designing a website on our own, we decided that we wanted to have something unique that didn’t look like everyone else’s site. That’s why we didn’t go with SportsEngine. We didn’t want to use their template and look like everyone else. Because youth ice hockey is a competitive environment, so we want every edge we can get. And beyond the design, the technical aspects of running it ourselves became a major roadblock for us. It became very obvious, very quickly, that we needed help and we needed a support team. In the end, you gave us a custom look, the right support and it was an economical choice that worked within our budget. LeagueApps knocked it out of the park for us, and we continually get great feedback from people about our website.” 

Callie Smith, Director of Hockey Operations for the New Jersey Colonials


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