Nick Mulvaney founded Chicago City Soccer Club in 2013. As a lifelong soccer player and coach from Dublin, Ireland, Nick was committed to providing his participants with incredible experiences both on and off the field—and needed a partner that would increase his team’s operational efficiency so that they could focus on their members. After years of cobbling together different tech resources, he finally crossed paths with LeagueApps and a few of its current customers during a panel discussion. 

Once he began interacting with organizers who were achieving more by using the LeagueApps platform, Mulvaney and his growing organization were ready to make a switch. LeagueApps is proud to partner with CCSC today, providing the club with a new website, advanced communication tools, customizable payment solutions and dynamic reporting which streamlines their day-to-day operations.  


“LeagueApps has been at the forefront of youth sports, and that was on full display during the pandemic. The webinars and content that you shared were so helpful, particularly during a time when a lot of us didn’t know what to do. As a company, you’re pushing the envelope to get to the next big thing, which really helps us stay ahead of the curve. ” 

Nick Mulvaney, Founder of Chicago City Soccer Club 


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