Achieve Lax and their club team Mass Elite, were the first lacrosse program for female athletes in Massachusetts back in 1999. Since then, the organization has exploded in terms of programming and sheer volume of youth athletes they work with on a yearly basis. That growth, while exciting, presented some logistical challenges. After vetting a handful of options, Achieve Lax decided to work with LeagueApps to streamline their operations and provide critical support to their ever-expanding events. 

Their program director believes that Achieve Lax’s success can be attributed to matching their ambition with an agile technology provider. LeagueApps is proud to partner with Achieve Lax, providing the growing organization with a brand new website, advanced communication tools, customizable payment solutions and dynamic reporting which streamlines their day-to-day operations. Our easy-to-use software has made acquiring new customers and building stronger relationships with their parents and players a breeze for Achieve Lax. 


“When we first joined LeagueApps, we had questions surrounding credits, which is now, in 2020, a big part of our business. We were hoping that the permissions could be changed so that an admin could issue credits with the push of a button. And before we knew it, we saw a suggestion like that implemented in the very same season we mentioned it. It’s examples like this that make us feel like LeagueApps is going to get us whatever we need to accomplish our goals.” Meredith Frank McGinnis, Program Director at Achieve Lax


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